Mission Statement

At Esoteric Wealth, our mission is to partner with our clients in the interest of achieving their personal goals through thoughtful financial planning and deliberate execution.
Our fundamental principles – Integrity, Reliability, and Sincerity – guide our team’s interactions with our clients as we aim to provide sound financial guidance and investment management aimed at achieving our clients’ aspirations.
We strive to develop eye-to-eye relationships through clear and direct communication, partnering with our clients to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and celebrating all of life’s successes with them.




Our History

Over the years, while serving our clients needs and working for large Wall Street firms Matthew Palumbo and his team realized a short coming. Most firms put their needs first before the client. At Esoteric Wealth Partners, we position client needs above those of the firm. Our process is to build and protect wealth through non-commissioned financial planning and investment management.

Thus, Esoteric Wealth Partners, LLC was founded with a centralized theme to put the client’s needs first and provide unbiased fee-based advice with integrity.

Why Esoteric Wealth


Fiduciary Planning

Conflict-of-Interest FREE
Highest Legal Standard for Financial Advisors
Provide unbiased Financial Advice tailored to your specific situation


100% Conflict Free Asset Management
No Affiliation = No “preferred” funds (Open Arch)
We value every client.


100% Transparency
No Hidden Fees or Commissions **
Personal Advocate, Resource and Coach

About us

Esoteric Wealth partners is an Independent Fee-Only Investment Management firm in the greater Seattle, WA area. We are Financial Advisors that are experienced in helping clients pursue objectives well beyond their investment goals. Our clients range from individuals, small business owners and corporate executives who benefit from our financial planning process, personalized client services and portfolio management.
  • Our clients benefit from personalized financial advice, exemplary service and regular attention from our advisors. This assures that individual needs are recognized and met in every facet of the process; from information gathering and analysis, to needs evaluation, planning and review.
  • As a fully independent and conflict-of-interest free firm, we are able to provide unbiased financial advice while making the best choices for our clients; choices that are tailored to their individual situations and desires.
  • The Esoteric Wealth Partners team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who provide quality, unbiased guidance and advice to individuals, families and business owners.
  • Custom tailored solutions from experienced professionals that are integrated across all aspects of your financial life
  • A Financial Plan for managing income and expenses, independent of market fluctuations aligned with your values, lifestyle needs and desires.
  • 100% Conflict-Free Asset Management through Esoteric Wealth Partners


At Esoteric Wealth Partners we pride ourselves on our assets management strategies we put in place for our clients. We want to remove the emotions you feel by watching and worrying about the day-to-day market fluctuations. Instead we want our clients to concentrate on the overall financial plan that dictates the assets management decisions to help them work towards their specific goals and objectives. We are there to continuously monitor, update and explain your portfolio performance in relation to the markets current economic condition.


Esoteric Wealth Partners Straight Forward Philosophy and Process

  • We develop, design, and inplement concise, consistent and proven private wealth plans, tailored to address our financial goals and aspirations.
  • Implement Strategic investments besed off of our clients develop private wealth plan.

Esoteric Wealth Partners Planning and investment Strategies

  • Well-designed from the basic structure to our implementations Process.
  • Developed with our client in mind, plans are easy to follow, and understand.
  • The outcome is an easy to follow financial plan that will guide you form point A to point B with a precise plan and process to follow.
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