Strategic Risk Management

At Esoteric Wealth Partners we view risk management as a fundamental aspect of our financial planning process. During this process we want to keep in mind that protecting you, your family or your business against any unexpected event that may occur is our primary goal.

  • Do you know if your current life insurance is adequate?
  • Is your disability coverage adjusted for inflation or built-in increases due to income increases?
  • What insurance riders are necessary to use in the policy-building phase? Which are not?
  • Have you taken into consideration tax law changes in regard to your estate plan?
  • How much liability are you comfortable taking with your business or your property? What else can you do to protect it?

These questions are on every one of our client’s mind at some point of the financial planning process. You are not alone. This can be a very stressful time and cause concern for you and your family. Rest assured that at Esoteric Wealth Partners we help close the gap on the risks that can be tricky without going through the comprehensive planning process. Having a comprehensive risk analysis is a crucial part of our financial planning and ongoing wealth management process. We review and identify all of the risk factors and help you make objective decisions to provide you with confidence.

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