Wealth Strategies

Preservation and concise asset distribution planning can be challenging. Esoteric Wealth Partners planning, and development structure provides alleviation to these challenges, focusing on asset accumulation, while ensuring the protection of your current assets, laying out a direct and clear path to address the following goals.

  • Income needs, and wants are met on a daily basis regardless of market and economic conditions.
  • Our client’s lifestyle conditions chosen by ones-self not by their portfolios.
  • Complete funding of long-term financial goals and legacy aspirations.

Esoteric Wealth Partners provides our clients with the confidence and the clear direction they need to work towards any financial lifestyle goal, while developing custom financial strategies for preserving income and protecting wealth. Our clients come to us because we are a leader in financial planning services, and strategies. Our 3 step approach to private wealth planning is outlined below; each link has a detailed explanation for each step.

Consultant Client Relationship Development (Knowing Our Clients)

Our clients are the core of our business; in order for us to be successful it takes a deep understanding of our clients, not only from a financial standpoint. We must build a solid understanding of their individuality, and lifestyle through development of a professional relationship. Below you will find a few of the target areas we will discuss in order to start building a professional relationship.

  • Interests, both professional and personal.
  • Relationships, including family friends, professional and so on.
  • Goals both short term and long term.

This approach will benefit our professional relationship by allowing us to identify current expenses, liabilities, future financial goals, lifestyle, and your plans for leaving a legacy to your family or charity.

Financial Planning Analysis

Our tailored Financial Planning process will address all needs and concerns that arise when developing a financial plan within a financial accumulation and distribution cycle.

First we must identify financial liabilities, which refer to any and all expenses immediate, short term, and long term. We then break down these liabilities into three categories survival, lifestyle, and legacy. Then we must identify what assets that will used to pay for these categories.

  • Survival:

    These are expenses that you accrue on a daily basis related directly to living and basic needs. They are non- negotiable expenses. Here we identify how assets will be distributed to provide the funds needed to maintain and pay all survival expense no matter what life events may arise.
  • Lifestyle:

    Lifestyle expenses are discretionary and luxury activities, such as hobbies, vacations, etc. Lifestyle expenses are negotiable, they are not need to survive, and our clients can choose to increase, or decrease these expenses as needed. Identifying lifestyle expenses early on is key to developing a portfolio that is highly diversified, and can maintain a desired lifestyle level.
  • Legacy:

    Classified as aspiration expense. Legacy goals are set forth to identify aspires that a client would like to fund over the course of their lives, and gift at the point of death. We develop a distribution plan to ensure the assets are correctly distributed according to your wishes keeping in mind tax efficiency.

Financial Planning Target Results and Distribution

*There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

Through private wealth planning we are able to develop a custom tailored plan for defining your survival needs, lifestyle goals, and legacy aspirations. Our end result is a blueprint that will guide us in the construction of your investment portfolio, in which we analyze and customize to fit the appropriate level of risk for your target plan. As we proceed down the selected financial path target goals and progress is continually tracked. This allows us to identify additional earning opportunities and make adjustments over time to accelerate the progress.

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