Portfolio Analysis

Investment management is an integral part of your financial plan. Yet it should not be the starting point for establishing a relationship with a financial advisor. The rationale behind this is that your financial plan dictates your goals and objectives for your financial advisor. Your feelings about what money means to you, your current strategy, your goals and current risk tolerance provide us with the framework for how your assets should be broken out and invested to address your personal financial goals.

The financial planning process provides us with all the necessary detail to properly create your portfolio within the asset allocation you are comfortable with.
At Esoteric Wealth Partners we pride ourselves on our asset management strategies we put in place for our clients. We want to remove the emotions you feel by watching and worrying about the day-to-day market fluctuations. Instead we want our clients to concentrate on the overall financial plan that dictates the asset management decisions to help them work towards their specific goals and objectives. We are there to continuously monitor, update and explain your portfolio performance in relation to the markets current economic condition.

In short we want our clients to look to us for insight into their current financial picture, not into the financial news or media streaming daily on the internet or the television.

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